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Meg Mentors

We are a registered micro, small, and medium-sized enterprise (MSME) in the education technology (Ed Tech) sector of India that operates concurrently with 52 regional centres in India and nurtures at least 20,000 students across 150 distinct study channels on social media platforms. In one year, we increased the size of our Telegram channel from 500 to 7,500 users without the use of advertising or link promotion. Occasionally, we offer placement opportunities, conferences, and seminars for skill development.

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My Story

Mohammad Junaid, I completed my engineering degree at NIT Kurukshetra with a 99.97%ile score in the JEE entrance exam and have also bagged admissions in Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi and IIM Bangalore. Currently, I am residing and working exclusively in the United Kingdom. The more you discover me as a person the more you cherish my company and presence around you. My friends describe me as a humble, creative and genuine person.

Jobs Responsibilities

There will be zero micromanagement and you will get a free hand to work in your own style to accomplish these weekly job assignments.

  1. Conducting two Quizzes per week.

  2. Writing at least two answers/blogs per week.

  3. Taking at least a 1.5-hour lecture each week.

  4. Circulating the link, feedback, and customer acquisition forms.

  5. Coordinating the reporting manager for the weekly evaluation.


+91 9818720466 (Whatsapp)

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